Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica’s Central Valley – Doka Coffee Plantation

Moving to our fourth blog report on things to do for tourists who wish to spend some quality time in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.  Costa Rica is famous for a number of things including World Peace, support of the environment, stunning biological diversity, incredible volcanoes such as Poas, Barva and Arenal Volcanos and of course sparkling waterfalls.  No description of Costa Rica would be complete without a discussion of coffee!

Costa Rica is famous for its medium to high altitude coffee.  There are two types, Arabica and Robusta coffee.  The most prized and flavourful is the Arabica and of course is harder to grow and produces less yield per bush.  In Costa Rica, the Government has decreed that only Arabica coffee may be exported from the country in an effort to ensure the reputation of the country is not tarnished by lower grades of coffee.


One of the largest and oldest plantations, originally established by German immigrants, but now locally owned is Doka Coffee Plantation.  This plantation supplies up to half of the Costa Rica coffee used world wide by coffee giant – Starbucks.  The quality is considered to be very good and reasonably priced.

Much of Costa Rica has been developed on the coffee industry and though rapid modernization is occurring throughout the country, coffee still is a mainstay for rural villages.  Doka Coffee Plantation is located at an elevation of about 4,000 feet on the green slopes of Poas Volcano.   Unlike some competitor tours which use actors to portray cultural recreations of a bygone era, Doka offers a very hands on and informative tour of their active plantation and roasting facilities.  Much of Doka remains “old fashioned” with sun roasting on large concrete patios of up to 5% of their total product.  Most of their mill is water powered and low energy, capitalizing on the abundant water that flows off the slopes of Poas Volcano.

Entrance to Doka Coffee Plantation on Poas Volcano


A Doka tour also includes coffee testing, an option for a great lunch buffet entry to a sizable butterfly farm.  There are tourist items available for purchase as well.  A tour of Doka generally takes about two hours plus transit time – so if using La Rosa as a home base, you can easily drive up and back along scenic back roads and complete the tour in 3 hours.

Here at Hotel La Rosa de America, we are happy to help arrange your trip and we highly recommend including your Doka visit with a Combo Tour of Poas Volcano, La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Doka – an 8 hour day with English speaking guide, and air conditioned transportation, meals and entry fees included.  This is a very popular tour with our guests.  If you are are short on time, Doka can be toured in the morning if you have a flight to catch from the Costa Rica, Juan Santamaria Airport later in the day.

Hotel La Rosa de America serves Doka Coffee to all guests and we also offer their primary roasts for sale!  They make excellent gifts, and are a great deal for coffee drinkers back home!


Doka Plantation “Poas” grown coffee

Doka Coffee Pickers

Directions:  From the Court in Alajuela, (we can help you find this) 8 kilometers North on the road to the Poás Volcano until the Catholic Church of San Isidro of Alajuela where you turn left towards Sabanilla, then 3 kilometers to the Sports Field of San Luis de Sabanilla de Alajuela; from there turn right, go another 2 kilometers to reach Doka Estate and the roasting plant of Café Tres Generaciones.

Address:  Alajuela Province, Alajuela, Poas & the Airport Area, Costa Rica

Contact Info:  Telephone: (506) 2449-5152

Hours:  Monday to Friday:  9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 morning tours;  1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 afternoon tours

Saturday and Sunday:  same as above minus the 3:30 tour.

Rates as of 2017:  Request current rates at La Rosa front desk.