Three months have passed…

It’s been three months since Don William bought the hotel …

During this time at Hotel La Rosa de América we continue working to provide all our guests with a pleasant stay. It has been a busy three months and even Don William had his first birthday party at La Rosa.

Despite the high season in La Rosa we always have time for a party!

Don William and his family continue to learn more about the hotel business and although they are not there every day at the hotel, they spend Sundays as a family sharing with us.

On the other hand, we continue working with the same agencies and groups and we appreciate the collaboration they always offer us. Thank you all for continuing to work with us! In addition, we have started working with a group that performs an important activity worthy of being highlighted.

Courts For Kid:

Courts for Kids is an NGO that has a presence all over the world and that is dedicated to building courts in areas of low resources, this in order to promote sports and values ​​through the integration of entire communities. Thanks to its director in Costa Rica who took us into account, we as a hotel have been able to collaborate in some way with this remarkable work done by this NGO.

The work done by Courts For Kids is remarkable because through the projects they provide opportunities to develop talent, both for the boys and girls who come to participate in the project and for the people of the communities. In addition to being projects that are beneficial to the schools of the communities, because in many cases the foundation builds courts in communities where governments have not gotten their hands by giving the opportunity for the courts to be used by public schools and colleges.

Another point that is very remarkable is the participation of women in their projects, because by participating in the same conditions that boys generate gender equality, in addition to this participation of strong women and willing to do heavy work positively impacts about the communities.

It is a pleasure for us to collaborate and work with Courts For Kids as they promote values ​​such as those that we at La Rosa de América seek to strengthen with our employees and also with our guests.

In the month of March, the boys and girls of Courts For Kids stayed at the beginning and at the beginning of their trip and it was really a pleasure to have them here.

During the rest of the year, Courts For Kids will continue to work with us. So we will continue to collaborate with this important social work they do.

For more information about Courts For Kids you can visit their website