Our Story

Don William Chen, Chemical Engineer arrived 25 years ago to Costa Rica, with his wife and without knowing anything about the Costa Rican culture embarked on a journey that still continues…

Both alone and with a lot of effort and hard work they managed to start their first business and from there many more. Don William with effort and dedication and with the support of his family has become a successful entrepreneur in Costa Rica, having business in gas stations and supermarket.

“Don William”, as we used to call him at the hotel, always had the dream of being a hotelier, so from the beginning he was attracted by the offer of Mr. Robert Hick. Both met and in a relatively short time the change of ownership occurred.

The Hotel La Rosa de America, in whose heart will always be the spirit of its former owner “Don Robert” now has new airs thanks to the change. New airs that little by little are and continue to breed! However, despite the change, the essence of La Rosa will always be the essence of La Rosa and with the help of collaborators who feel the hotel as their own and who work with love and affection, it will continue to be the most pleasant Hotel in Costa Rica.