Lost luggage leads to paradise

Our trip to Costa Rica on American Airlines was a disaster, but that’s another review. The final step was when we had to unexpectedly stay in San Jose because our luggage was lost by the airline. While we waited in line at immigration, friends booked us a room at Hotel La Rosa de America. We were exhausted by the time we arrived, but that exhaustion soon melted away…

We were welcomed by a lovely young woman who walked us to our equally lovely villa nestled downhill from the immaculate pool. We felt better already and scheduled an early dinner at the on-site restaurant. Settling into the room, we noticed that the room did not have shampoo. My wife inquired with the hostess. Although the Hotel clearly didn’t stock shampoo, the intrepid hostess took my wife into a supply room and came out with her best guess at shampoo. Though it turned out to be a Norwegian feminine wash — glad we searched it on the internet before we used it — we really appreciated the effort. 😀

Dinner was delightful. Our server, Edwin, was a charming 60-year-old marathon runner and excellent server. We took his recommendation and got the icy smooth drink on the menu that is named after him, after which we had simple local fare (chifrijo). It was from Edwin that we learned that if we want local food we should eat at Sodas — excellent advice we benefitted from repeatedly during our trip.

During a nightcap by the pool, Edwin checked on us again, and we had a very pleasant conversation with him before turning in.

The AC was cool, the bed was comfortable, and the room was quiet — perfect for sleeping.

Though our stay at this hotel/villa was meant to be a quick fix to a luggage problem, it turned out to be a delightful experience all-around and the first of many excellent Costa Rican memories. When we return to Costa Rica, we will purposefully spend our first night (or two) making the transition to Pura Vida at Hotel La Rosa de America.