Canadian Dollars Now Accepted!!!

Maple Leaf in MotionHOLA CANADIANS!!! Hotel La Rosa de America now accepts Canadian Dollars!!!

As of 01 January 2011, our airport hotel located near Juan Santamaria international airport accepts Canadian dollars as well as US dollars, CR colones, US and Canadian dollars, and Visa and MasterCard.

Please check our Hotel Rates page for current accommodation rates.

For the past two years here at Hotel La Rosa, we have been seeking a way to process and accept Canadian Dollars. This effort has been undertaken in recognition of the needs and preferences of our many Canadian travelers. We understand the costs and hassles of having to exchange money more times than necessary. This way, Canadian travelers can at least arrive in Costa Rica with familiar currency and not be at the mercy of the non-advantageous Canadian Dollar to Colones Exchange rates or have to change all their funds into USD prior to departure from Canada.

We very much value our Canadian guests, many escaping the cold of the True North, looking for the best climate in the World!!! The owner of Hotel La Rosa, having lived for three years in Yellowknife NT very much has first hand experience of the true meaning of COLD!!!

At this time, the policy of the hotel is to treat Canadian dollars on an equal basis with USD as long as there is no more than a TWO percent difference in the value of each currency. If there is a greater than TWO percent difference, then the posted hotel accommodation and package rates will be converted from US dollars to Canadian dollars and be charged accordingly. Please note the value of the currency is measured at the time of payment, not the time of booking.