La Rosa enters the 2011 Green Season after busiest Dry Season ever!

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La Rosa enters the 2011 Green Season after busiest Dry Season ever!

Posted by in Hotel Blog | June 4, 2011
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Hotel La Rosa de America continues to thrive thanks to our many guests who chose to include us as part of their holiday plans this past season. As we enter the quieter time of the year we are looking forward to the opportunity to make more positive changes and upgrades to improve our service.

Hello once again and thank you to all of our guests who have helped make our cozy hotel near the Juan Santamaria International airport a success! We have enjoyed hosting our many guests from around the world – we have experienced increased diversity. The hotel now accepts Palestinian dollars for the convenience of our Palestinian guests and we are working towards accepting Euros.
Room with new bedding, towels, furniture etc
In response to our increasing popularity with families, we have created two new family suites that can accommodate the needs of larger families. The suites have a double bed and two adult-sized hardwood bunk beds, thereby being able to host a maximum of 6 people. The suites have been very popular this year.

We have also done complete redecorating of our popular rooms, with new mattresses, bed linens, artwork, and nice touches that add to the tranquil ambiance of the rooms.

Our dining room has been redecorated also, and our breakfast service has changed to buffet-style, with more choices such as eggs, cheese, and cold meats for those who prefer more protein in the morning! Also our guests enjoy being able to control their service time, in the event that they are in a rush to get to the airport or get on with their trip. We now provide coffee service before the dining room opens, for our coffee lovers who need that cup of locally grown Costa Rican coffee right away!

New Self Serve Breakfast

Staffing has been restructured so that there is always someone available 24 hours a day, for guest needs. Our reception staff speak Spanish and English, and are always very happy to help. Hotel La Rosa de America staff pride ourselves on our exceptional service, and we have been repeatedly complimented by guests for the friendly service.

Our parking lot entrance has been resurfaced, with a lovely rose design motif added. Our gardens are blooming well, and the mango trees are heavy with fruit. More plants have been added outside the breakfast area, adding to the beauty of sitting down to a nice first meal. These plants are favorites for attracting hummingbirds, butterflies and also as an extra benefit, many have a beautiful scent.
Hotel La Rosa de America Logo at entrance
We continue to make changes and improvements, and we will be focused on marketing, training and customer service in the upcoming months.

The dry season is winding down and soon the beautiful green season will begin, to the relief of the plants! We hope that many people will choose to travel during this lush time of year, where the sun still shines just about every day.


Posted by in Testimonials | May 30, 2011
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars

For comfort and simplicity in a setting that cannot be beat in terms of natural beauty, La Rosa is the place to stay in Alajuela. While the rooms are simple, clean, and comfortable, the gardens are…


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We stayed at La Rosa in March for 5 days. It was perfectly located in the Central Valley which was the area we wanted to check out. The staff (especially Griskka) are extremely accomodating and will…

Beautiful setting, outstanding value

Posted by in Testimonials | March 16, 2011
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars

La Rosa is a real value added accomodations when you look at what you are paying for and what you get. We stayed for a week at La Rosa on a two week vacation in Costa Rica. Set in a wonderful garden…

last minute walk before heading home view from grounds to room view from room

Great place to stay near the airport

Posted by in Testimonials | November 11, 2010
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Had a wonderful experience at La Rosa de America. The rooms were clean and quaint. Staff was very helpful with scheduling taxis and helping to make phone calls home (thanks Grisska!). Enjoyed the…

Well, our San Jose Airport Hotel gets a New Mascot

Posted by in Hotel Blog | July 14, 2010

Well, it is pretty likely that most businesses that receive thousands of guests from around the world end up with some pretty interesting, even unlikely stories from time to time. For us at La Rosa de America, one of the most bizarre stories commenced about four years ago.

The Gardens of Hotel La Rosa are a sanctuary for scores of birds, animals and interesting insects all busy trying to make a home away from the noise, pavement, cars and the excessive number of dogs owned by Costa Ricans in the populous San Jose Airport region.

One day, four years ago, a baby tree squirrel tried for the first time to hop from one mango tree to the next. (Costa Rican tree squirrels are aggressive jumpers and can easily jump from tree to tree) However, this poor fellow got all knotted up, missed his landing zone and fell to the ground. In doing so he broke his back and was now a paraplegic squirrel. Normally this is where the story would end as in the wild, the survival time of this squirrel would be measured at most in hours. However, the staff at La Rosa rescued the injured squirrel, bought a cage and cared for him. Charlie the squirrel became the unofficial mascot of our Alajuela Airport Hotel.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature never really let up on Charlie and he slowly became sick and eventually died undoubtedly from complications resulting from his paralysis.

Our Hotel La Rosa Mascot

So, La Rosa was without a mascot (we have no dogs on the property unlike most hotels as it is too hard to keep them from barking when they hear another dog bark at 2 in the morning!) Therefore, we acquired a Guinea Pig in a moment of “weakness”. :-) Chancha is now about six months old, more or less fully grown and sits/squeaks proudly outside the reception door happily greeting guests. More likely, we suspect she is mostly hoping for more food! Thus the name “Chancha”… which in Spanish is a common reference to coins destined for the “Piggy” Bank.

Chancha has already nosed her way into the hearts of many children who have recently visited our hotel – and more than a few adults too! If she is out surveying her domain when you arrive, do remember to say hi to her!

great place to relax and unwind in beautiful garden setting

Posted by in Testimonials | May 23, 2010
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 4 of 5 stars

La Rosa de America is a lovely hotel in a quiet garden setting. We found the staff and owners (all english speaking) to be extremely helpful and kind. It was a great place to relax and unwind for a…


Posted by in Testimonials | May 17, 2010
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 4 of 5 stars

My family and I are very pleased with our stay at La Rosa de America. It was very quiet and we loved the garden atmosphere of the hotel. Carlos and Grisska helped us with everything we needed during…

Book Donation Program for Increased Literacy

Posted by in Hotel Blog | December 21, 2008
Book Donation Program

Book Donation Program

Approximately six months ago, we decided to find a worthy cause for La Rosa de America to support. Eventually, after receiving a suggestion from the owner of another local hotel, we decided to begin a book donation program. Achieving high levels of literacy in Costa Rica is very important to the government and by extension, the people. However, in reality, the schools have next to no books nor funding with which to accomplish this task. This results in a very difficult situation for the teachers tasked to educate their pupils.

We ask guests to fill up their reserve “souvenir space” in their baggage with books. Children’s books, school books, English, French or Spanish books, and/or classroom supplies.

Maurilio Soto Alfaro School

Maurilio Soto Alfaro School

To date, we have had a very good response, collecting over 375 books in three languages. We have now donated to two local Alajuela schools and we are hoping to be able to donate a further 350 books by the end of the 2009 high season in April.

If you are interested in supporting this program, please visit our webpage devoted to this project at:

We appreciate the thoughtfulness of all who participate in this program.