Great place to start and end visit.

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Great place to start and end visit.

Posted by in Testimonials | December 8, 2011
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars

We stayed at La Rosa de America a total of four nights, at the beginning and end of our trip to Costa Rica. The hotel is about fifteen minutes from the San Jose airport, located in a quiet area among...

truly an oasis

Posted by in Testimonials | December 7, 2011
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I arrived at La Rosa, I had just completed almost 7 weeks of adventure travel throughout Mexico and 5 other countries in Central America. I had found this lovely little hotel through internet...

Loved the  The entrance to my comfy room 

tranquility among chaos

Posted by in Testimonials | December 5, 2011
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars

I stayed at La Rosa de America for just one night and was tempted to make it two. Business ushered me away but I will definitely find my way there again. In the chaos that big cities often are,...

Best place to begin your Costa Rican adventure!

Posted by in Testimonials | November 16, 2011
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars

We stayed at La Rosa the first three nights and the last night of our visit to Costa Rica. For comparison, we also stayed in three other hotels in different parts of the country. We can not imagine a...

Room decor Starting breakfast 

Pleasant gardens

Posted by in Testimonials | October 30, 2011
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars We stayed at La Rosa in October 2011 & despite the heavy rains at night, we had a very pleasant stay. The receptionist Grisska was very friendly & helpful & made us feel very welcome. The included...

Always a refreshing treat! It is becoming our home away from home.

Posted by in Testimonials | September 1, 2011
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars We often have to stay in San Jose for business. San Jose is always crazy, busy, dirty and non stop choas. It is always such a treat to come to La Rosa. It is off the beaten path yet easy to get to;...

Focusing on our customer feed back!

Posted by in Hotel Blog | August 24, 2011

Once again, as the summer period draws rapidly to a close, we are faced with yet another transition into the wettest of the wet season. This is typically a time for consolidation among the various tourism businesses within Costa Rica and can sadly often lead to significant layoffs of employees across the country. At our Costa Rica airport hotel, we prefer to cross-train our existing employees to do “other” functions in the times we have few guests. This way, our employees can retain their jobs, and the hotel benefits by ensuring all our intensive training of staff is not wasted every year through layoffs.

Artwork at our SJO airport hotel

Painted by one of our talented staff members!

During the Sept-Dec timeframe, we have traditionally focused on significant capital improvements to enhance the hotel, and to renew it’s 15 year old services and presentation. However, this year, we are going to focus on customer feedback generated over the past year. This feedback is invaluable to us as it allows us to maintain what works and conversely to eliminate any problems that may come up over the course of hosting thousands of guests per year. This year we have received some guest concerns over hot water reliability. We are currently addressing these concerns and we expect to complete the change over from gas to an electric system by the end of August. It is disappointing to us that the carefully picked gas water on demand system failed to deliver what it promised to do. We had hopes of eventually removing ourselves from the power grid, by first converting all major energy users to gas and then utilizing solar for the remainder.

Hot Water at our Airport Hotel

New High Output Electric System on the left

However, this plan has proven ineffective therefore we are adapting to a new electrical energy saving on demand system. When it is complete, guests will not be able to tell the difference between the systems they use at home and the much more power smart on demand system being put in place. Complete installation throughout the cabins is taking some time due to the need to rewire many areas of the hotel to 220 Volts, complete with heavier gauge wiring and breakers.

Other upgrades will include improvements to our existing WIFI system, finishing up of the exterior painting of the entire hotel, resurfacing and repainting of the walkways, and replacement and painting of the roof over the restaurant area. Significant upgrades to Cabin 12 and our handicapped certified cabin will also be done. Inside, we will be upgrading all our computer systems, installing wireless music and speakers in the common areas, and introducing a brand new reservation system for better guest management. Gone will be the hand-draulic paper based system complete with it’s mountain of colour coded sticky notes!!!! :-) Of course continued maintenance and minor improvements will continue apace!

As always, there is lots to be done. We want to ensure that Hotel La Rosa is 100% ready for the 2012 High Season so as to ensure maximum guest satisfaction! Shortly we will be making a blog comparing and contrasting some of the “then” and “now” differences at La Rosa as we will shortly be celebrating our fourth anniversary of hotel ownership in Costa Rica!

Perfect stay… incredible owner

Posted by in Testimonials | August 3, 2011
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars We stayed at La Rosa in November 2010 with my husband and our two daughters (age 9 months and 2 1/2 year). We stayed at this place three times during our 3 weeks vacation. Rooms are clean, breakfast...

La Rosa Integrates to Facebook and Twitter

Posted by in Hotel Blog | June 24, 2011
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Hello Everyone, we now have Facebook and Twitter directly connected to our website! Please visit us and post your comments. We’d love to hear from you. From the staff at La Rosa de America

Perfect! Everything worked the way we were promised.

Posted by in Testimonials | June 6, 2011
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars We decided to stay at La Rosa because it advertised as being safe, pretty and peaceful. Their advertising was accurate! We used this hotel for our first stay in Costa Rica and the reception staff...