Book Donation Program for Increased Literacy

Posted by in Hotel Blog | December 21, 2008
Book Donation Program

Book Donation Program

Approximately six months ago, we decided to find a worthy cause for La Rosa de America to support. Eventually, after receiving a suggestion from the owner of another local hotel, we decided to begin a book donation program. Achieving high levels of literacy in Costa Rica is very important to the government and by extension, the people. However, in reality, the schools have next to no books nor funding with which to accomplish this task. This results in a very difficult situation for the teachers tasked to educate their pupils.

We ask guests to fill up their reserve “souvenir space” in their baggage with books. Children’s books, school books, English, French or Spanish books, and/or classroom supplies.

Maurilio Soto Alfaro School

Maurilio Soto Alfaro School

To date, we have had a very good response, collecting over 375 books in three languages. We have now donated to two local Alajuela schools and we are hoping to be able to donate a further 350 books by the end of the 2009 high season in April.

If you are interested in supporting this program, please visit our webpage devoted to this project at:

We appreciate the thoughtfulness of all who participate in this program.

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