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Posté par dans Front Desk | Janvier 01, 2009

Au fil des ans, nous avons reçu des centaines de commentaires à notre Hôtel Livre d'or. Certains de ces commentaires sont affichés ci-dessous pour les invités à lire. Comme un Hôtel Costa Rica Aiport, nous savons que vous avez beaucoup de choix de chambres d'hôtel et nous apprécions votre considération de rester avec nous. Il est de notre désir de gagner votre confiance.

Nous apprécions beaucoup tous les évaluations invité qu'elles soient enregistrées sur nos cartes de commentaires Chambre, dans notre Guestbook, sur Expedia, Tripadvisor ou en personne à un de nos collaborateurs. Vos commentaires sont notre bulletin! C'est ainsi que nous savons que nous sommes sur la bonne voie!!

28 comments on “Livre d'or

  1. Jen and Maddy from Colorado sur dit:

    Beautiful Place!
    Beautiful Place! This is my first time to Costa Rica. With a group to conserve Sea Turtles. Spent our first night here.

    LOVE IT!

  2. Jackie and Marco Zulli sur dit:

    Definitely Recommended
    Thank you so much for having us! This was a great start to our trip. You both were so helpful we really appreciate it! We’ll definitely recommend this place to others and will stay here again if we ever venture back to San Jose.

    Thanks again! :-)

  3. The Edelsons sur dit:

    Wonderful Beginning
    What a wonderful beginning to our 16 day stay in Costa Rica. Is is quiet and peaceful so the birds could be heard. Spent an hour at ZooAve today and were able to see most of the animals and birds. If we miss them in their natural habitat we can still say we saw them! Thank you for making us feel so welcome. Rancho Palos Verdes, Californie

  4. Rita Seefert sur dit:

    Wonderful Place!
    This is a wonderful place! Thank you for your hospitality. I love the beautiful gardens and the lovely rooms. The best of everyting however is the people here. Very kind and patient with us newbies!

  5. Ken and Elynn Richards sur dit:

    Muchas Gracias!
    Thank you for all your help and hospitality. Everyone here went out of their way for us. Pura Vida and a taste of home all at the same time – what more could anyone want.

  6. Cornell University Winds, NJ USA sur dit:

    This is a GREAT place to stay
    This is a GREAT place to stay. The Cornell University Wind Ensemble had an awesome time at the pool and eating amazing food.

    Veronica, NJ USA
    Ariel Long Island, NY USA

  7. Linda, Kara and Erin sur dit:

    The perfect place to relax
    We are fellow Palestinians (from Saskatoon) and loving our stay at your hotel. This is the perfect place to relax for a day after a busy time down along the Pacific Coast. Thank you for your hospitality, good food and wonderful room. We found you on Trip Advisor, it was everything people described and more!

    PS: Your staff are the best!

  8. Jon and Veni, Vancouver Washington sur dit:

    Great Family
    Hotel La Rosa de America became our home away from home. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here from the beautiful grounds, the wonderful hospitality, awesome breakfast and fruit specialty drinks. We will highly recommend you and we will stay here again!

  9. Hopes Family Florida, United States sur dit:

    Love La Rosa!
    Our two nights stay here was the perfect way to end our trip. The tour to Doka/Poas/La Paz is the best in Costa Rica. Alexandra, you’re great!

  10. Quynh and Dmitri, Boulder, Colorado sur dit:

    Muchas Gracias!
    Thank you for a wonderful stay! It’s beautiful here! The garden is well kept and one of the prettiest we’ve seen! What a great place to have in our memories as part of our Honeymoon! The Breakfast was perfect! The Banana Bread was delicious! Thank you for your friendliness too!

  11. Kelsey, Canada sur dit:

    21 Palestinians
    We are a group of 21 Palestinian Teens! We stayed at this Hotel for one night and it was bloody epic, eh! I hope you enjoy your stay here and leave your own message too. Farewell well sweet La Rosa de America.

  12. Emily, Minnesota sur dit:

    Well what a beautiful place. I don’t miss the snow at all! Next Morning: A calm breeze that basically lifts you out of bed, whistles of tropical birds. Even the air seems to be alive!

  13. Jessica Donnelly, Delaware sur dit:

    The Students University of Delaware Winter 2009
    Study abroad trip – are enjoying our stay here so far, even though we had to take an exam today! Thanks for the Hospitality!

  14. Don and Amber, Knoxville, TN sur dit:

    Day One
    Thanks for a pleasant start to our vacation. Already feeling relaxed and welcome, appreciate all your effort you have a wonderful Hotel, Thank you also for all the advice.

  15. Avril, Wilmington, NE sur dit:

    Vida Group
    Thank you so much for your Hospitality! Our VIDA Vet Group loved it here and I’m back for a couple of days too. It’s beautiful here. I’ll definitely be back!!

  16. Tracy, Shannon and Melissa, Canada sur dit:

    Hello fellow Palestinians!
    We are really enjoying our stay at your Hotel and wish we could stay more than one night. Please hire us so we can stay here forever??.hahahaha! GO TEAM CANADA!!! Hopefully we’ll see you again when we come back! Take care!

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