Restaurante La Rosa Garden Patio Complete!

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As part of our ongoing expansion of Hotel La Rosa de America, we are turning our attention to our rapidly growing Restaurante La Rosa!  Due to very high volumes of guests in the 2014 High Season, we decided to expand both Hotel and Restaurant.

Hotel La Rosa de America's Restaurant

Restaurant Entrance during Supper

Hotel La Rosa is being expanded in two phases so as to ensure minimal impact on guests. Phase One was completed last year during the High Season.  This was not our intent, however it took a staggeringly long time to receive Municipal authorization to conduct the expansion.  However, we were ultimately successful and after retaining a very professional build company, we rapidly completed two new Superior Cabinas in a new area of the property.

New Patio expansion for Hotel La Rosa

NEW! Restaurant Garden Patio

In conjunction with this build were general improvements to La Rosa – including a new widened pathway around the main buildings and the addition of a planned, covered deck adjoining our Restaurant.  This build was planned in conjunction with the first availability of teak wood, shipped from Finca de Maderas SRL, a separately owned but fully subsidized reforestation operation by Hotel La Rosa de America.  All new furniture and building construction wood was from this 100% sustainable source and the teak has made beautiful furniture.

Restaurante La Rosa has now incorporated the new Garden Patio into the Restaurant and during our Mid-Season, used the area extensively for guests both for breakfast and in the evening.  The surrounding gardens are designed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds and were planted three years ago in anticipation of this need.  Placed around the area are numerous Gardenias as well.  The fragrance from these bushes is incredible and can be smelled throughout the area.

To blend everything together, we recently hired some excellent local artists.  They have provided spot on paintings, decoration and wall murals throughout the back of the hotel.  We are very proud to showcase their work!

The new Costa Rican Artwork for La Rosa

Local Artists beautify our new Patio

New for the 2015 Season will be our new breakfast buffet.  We will be moving the entire buffet from inside the Restaurant to outside, placing it on the Garden Patio.  We will be offering greater selection in a less cramped locale.  Further we will be enhancing our morning breakfast staff so as to guarantee the buffet is always well stocked and fresh!

Come and join us during your trip to Costa Rica and as guests of Hotel La Rosa, take advantage of our private, for guests only Restaurante La Rosa!  The Restaurant will be open for breakfast and supper both.

Supper setup for Restaurante La Rosa

Setting up for Supper at La Rosa

Hotel La Rosa hosts the Canadian Ambassador to Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Airport Hotel Logo


As a significant business in the local community of Barrio San Jose de Alajuela, the Staff and Ownership of Hotel La Rosa de America take our Corporate Stewardship and ethical responsibilities very seriously.  We are involved in a number of environmental benefit programs and also educational programs.  We feel strongly that to affect meaningful change, one must start in the classroom.  A classroom needs to be supplied with both ethical instruction, and with suitable materials and infrastructure.

Raising money for a good cause. Raffle tent with donations from Local organizations

Raffle tent with donations from local organizations

Recently, responding to a request from the Asociacion Caritativa Canadiense for volunteer assistance, our Costa Rica Airport Hotel offered to help organize and fund a 100 person benefit luncheon at the hotel.  The objective of the fundraiser – to raise money to help repair and upgrade the most poorly maintained schools in Costa Rica.  With the recent prolonged education strike and Government of Costa Rica funding problems, we felt that the time was very appropriate to offer a little light into a beleaguered sector of Costa Rican social and educational responsibility.

The response was heartening.  On a very positive note, the tickets, which were sold for 12,000 colones each were purchased in almost equal measure by Canadian Expats

The Owner of La Rosa was the Master of Ceremonies for the fundraiser

La Rosa Owner, Robert Hick as Master of Ceremonies

and local Ticos.  For us this is very important as gaining local involvement is ultimately the key to lasting success.  All proceeds from ticket sales were donated to the fundraiser.  Also, there were a number of raffles, local business donations, and items for purchase – many items being donated by members of the Canadian Club of Costa Rica.

The event was well enjoyed by all and there were many activities and options for the guests to do.  Besides “shopping” in the big tent set up for this purpose, guests could go swimming, sunbathing, walk the beautiful grounds of the hotel, sit and watch the FIFA football (soccer) game or simply sit around and talk or of course eat!  La Rosa provided a full buffet for the event with a mix of Canadian and Costa Rican items including favorites such as Barbecue baked beans, Poutine for the French Canadians (!!) and Arroz con Pollo.  Salads, appetizers, finger food, canapes, juice and of course lots of desserts rounded out the offering.  A cash bar offered beers, wines, various pops, water and of course La Rosa Sangria!

Ms Drukier thanking the members of the Asociacion Caricativa Canadiense

Ms Drukier thanking the ACC members

We were honoured to have the opportunity to host the Canadian Ambassador to Costa Rica,  Madam Wendy Drukier as well.   In a relaxed and fun atmosphere, Ms Drukier first ascended  the pre-prepared “soap box” to give her welcoming speech and then again to oversee the first Raffle Draw.  In her speech to the guests, Ms Drukier extended her thanks to all the board members of the Asociacion Caritativa Canadiense (ACC) for their thoughtful and tireless hard work on behalf of others who are more needy.

Items for sale during the Luncheon for fundraising

Local items donated for the fundraiser

La Rosa Staff were proud to be a part of such an event and to see so many people, local and foreign willing to help causes that were not directly their own, was a real

Ms Wendy Drukier Canadian Ambassador to Costa Rica at La Rosa

Ms Drukier leading the Raffle!

positive learning experience for them.  This was the first time Hotel staff have had to manage not only a full hotel, but also host 100 extra people for the day.  From the Owner’s perspective they showcased their naturally friendly Costa Rican heritage well, and provided for a very meaningful and successful event.

This event raised thousands of dollars for the ACC school improvement projects around the country.  We hope that this event can be repeated again next year… except with even more people attending!

Thank you to all who helped make this event a success.

A Lovely Garden Hotel

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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stayed three nights in this lovely garden hotel. We love it very much!
1) Location, just out of the city Alajuela, a quite place!
2) Garden, just living in a beautiful garden, so beautiful!

Hotel or Garden? Hotel or Garden? Hotel or Garden? Hotel or Garden? 

Very good hotel with friendly staff

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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 4 of 5 stars

Near the airport and the car rentals in a quiet area with a swimming pool;we enjoyed it very much on our arrival day and stayed a bit longer on our departure to go to the Poas vulcnoe and to the zoo…

Away from it all and blissful in Room 12

Posted by in Testimonials | May 13, 2014
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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aside from din of staff voices and a view of the back wall, I liked Room 12′s added privacy and security, for a feeling of being away from the rest. A deadbolt away from the hotel’s office, I was…

Great staff, lovely setting

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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars

My husband and I stayed here one night as we were in a transition day on out trip. It was hidden, yes, but with the GPS we drove right to it. The gardens are lovely and the rooms are very nice. We ate…

A hidden Gem. Comfortable Rooms. Amazing Staff

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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stayed here with a high school group. The staff were incredibly accomodating and helpful. The rooms were simple but very comfortable and the grounds beautiful and due to the enclosed nature of the…

Tranquility at its finest

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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 4 of 5 stars

My sister and I just stayed at Hotel La Rosa De America a few days ago, and what a charming place. You could hear the birds chirping outside, while looking around at lush trees and beautiful flowers….

Base place to start and finish in Costa Rica

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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 5 of 5 stars

Again this year I started and finished my vacation in Costa Rica at La Rosa de America. As before I enjoyed my stay. Since my last visit La Rosa has added diner service for the guests. The food was…

The best ice in Costa Rica

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TripAdvisor traveler rating: 4 of 5 stars

that’s a joke with one of the managers, but what’s not a joke is the laid back comfort for la Rosa. My wife and I spent the last night leg of our CR trip. Once we found it 9which was not easy with our…